Accountable Budgeting february 2016 - current
  • iOS app allowing multiple people to manage a budget
  • originally developed a NodeJS server with MongoDB, hosted on Heroku
  • rewrote server in Swift with Perfect (hosted on Heroku), and then later ported over to Vapor (hosted on DigitalOcean)
  • uses Plaid for receiving transaction data
  • added to the app store on 12/23/2022
  • can be downloaded here and website is
Snoo for Watch february 2022 - may 2022
  • watchOS app to control Snoo
  • uses the unofficial Snoo API and PubNub to connect to the Snoo
AstroFlow july 2019 - april 2020
  • subscription based iOS app for tracking astrological events and how they affect you, taking astrologically related yoga classes, and discovering your astrological chart
  • uses a swift Vapor server hosted on DigitalOcean with a MongoDB database
  • videos were hosted on Mux, content management handled using Prismic
  • added to the app store on 9/11/2019
  • can be downloaded here
Anniversary Tour january 2020 - hiatus
  • iOS app that helps you track the anniversaries of your favorite albums
  • uses Spotify API for album data and importing favorites, saving data in Core Data
Splice Listener august 2017 - hiatus
  • iOS app for listening and commenting on projects uploaded to Splice
  • caches tracks for offline listening
  • written in Swift and uses unofficial Splice API
Hindsight Playlist november 2016 - december 2016
  • iOS app that displays your data
  • written in Swift and used API
search - for Vine may 2016 - october 2016
  • iOS app that does advanced searches for vines
  • used unofficial Vine API
  • added to the app store on 10/28/2016 (no longer available)
Music Degrees of Separation december 2014 - april 2016
  • iOS app that determines the smallest number of steps to get from one artist to another through Related Artists on Spotify using the Spotify API
  • uses BFS and makes 10 queries/second to get to the target artist
imparticular june 2015 - september 2015
  • a custom blog website with several ways of finding posts
  • developed a RESTful api for accessing data
  • created using MongoDB, Node.js, mustache (templating), and a hybrid of AngularJS/D3.js
  • can be viewed here
phraze march 2015 - may 2015
  • iOS game that gives random words, a timer, and the challenge of getting the people you are with to guess the word
  • added to the app store on 4/1/2015 (no longer available)
spotter april 2014 - may 2015
  • iOS app that creatively displays your distance from another person by showing if you are getting 'hotter' or 'colder'
  • uses BLE without pairing or connecting
  • added to the app store on 7/22/2014 (no longer available)
genre map february 2014 - may 2014
  • interactive visualization using D3.js and the Echonest API to compare music genre interests between friends
  • java backend on Google App Engine for computations
  • optimized for scalability with the Echonest API limits
  • uses custom algorithm to determine friends with similar interests
awhile march 2014 - may 2014
  • iOS app that converts between your age and different increments of time
  • created a unique half-circle spinner that can infinitely loop or increase its contents
SuperRdio january 2014 - february 2014
  • alternative iOS interface for Rdio app with additional features added
  • uses Rdio and APIs to achieve a more user friendly interface
ContextLock december 2013
  • android app that determines where the user frequently spends time so it can lock the phone in foreign places
HourTracker fall 2013
  • iOS app to log work hours, designed for iOS7
  • contextually learns where the user works so it can give reminders to record the time upon arriving/leaving work
LiveForum summer 2013
  • android app for creating and posting in location-based message boards
  • used Parse as a backend